It’s summer holidays!
Three teenagers meet for the first time.
A love-and-conflict drama filled with intricate emotions that draws on the strings of one’s heart.

One is preoccupied with thoughts of one’s own body and that of others. Is it ok to like both girls and boys? How can one understand what the other wants? How does one deal with rejection?
A play about identity, desire and norms; about the right to decide over one’s own body and to choose for oneself if or when one wants to share it with someone else.

With this performance, we welcome and pay tribute to the complicated, embarrassing and absolutely wonderful aspects about being human!

Concept & manuscript: Sara Kander
Direction: My Areskoug
Costume & scenography: Sara Kander
Music: Torbjörn Svedberg
Lighting, video & technicals: Kundali Löfstrand
Hair & make-up: Matilda Bragner
Producer: Dina Luterkort
Production assistant: Linn Bergstam
Pedagogic material: Reyhaneh Ahangaran
Cast and choreography: Marina Almén, Ipshita Rajesh & Erik Lennblad
Photography: Leonard Stenberg
Illustrator: Kajsa Reicke
Advisors: Kalle Röcklinger och Hans Olsson, RFSU
Age group: 13-16 years
Performance duration: approx. 40 mins
Produced by: Pantomimteatern


Pirret is a visual and musical mime performance about our most intimate feelings that begin stirring in us at the onset of puberty. Something happens in my body when I feel love! Can I fall in love with someone I have never met IRL? What do I do when I am in love with my best friend? I notice sensations and changes in my body, I feel new emotions, my body feels different. Sometimes I struggle with my thoughts and emotions, I sweat like crazy, and my cheeks are flushed when I meet the most embarrassing situations. Am I normal?

With children’s own questions to RFSU and KP’s Kropp & Knopp as our point of departure, three skilled mime actors take you on this fun, exciting, embarassing, and emotion-filled journey with original and commissioned music, scenography, video projections and lighting.

Concept & manuscript: Sara Kander & Julia Gumpert
Direction & choreography: Ulf Evrén
Costume & scenography: Sara Kander
Music: Torbjörn Svedberg
Lighting, video & technicals: Kundali Löfstrand
Hair & make-up: Alva Nord
Hair & make-up mentor: Agnes Kentää
Animation: David Nord
Seamstress: Inger Lejbro
Producer: Dina Luterkort
Pedagogic material: Reyhaneh Ahangaran
Cast and choreography: Marina Almén, Ipshita Rajesh & Erik Lennblad
Photography: Bengt Wanselius
Illustrator: Karl Johnsson
Advisors: Kalle Röcklinger och Hans Olsson, RFSU
Age group: 10-12 years
Performance duration: approx. 40 mins
Produced by: Pantomimteatern

Ipshita Rajesh

Ipshita Rajesh is a performing artist, a pedagogue, and a dance anthropologist. She has her foundations in Bharatanatyam, an indian classical dance-theatre style, along with training in theatre and masks in Europe. She has created solo works and collaborated with artists across various genres of dance, theatre, and music, and given performances in India and across Europe. She gives dance-theatre and applied dance-theatre courses and workshops for dancers, actors, amateurs, and corporates. She works as a freelance performing artist in children’s theatre, currently employed at Pantomimteatern, Sweden.


Ulf Evrén
Actor, director, pedagog, storyteller

Ana Stanišić
Actor, choreographer, director

Björn Dahlman
Actor, director, playwright, clown.
Artistic Director – Bananteatern, Sweden, Art Director – Xiao Wan Jia, China.

Lise Edman
Actor, musician, mime

Hanna Björck
Actress, singer, cellist.
Artistic director – Awake Projects, Sweden.

Roula Lymniati
Music-Drama performer and instructor, producer.

Ulrika Larsen
Choreographer, dancer and producer. Founder Odissi Dansproduktion

Photo: Johan Karlsson

Maria Magdolna BekyWinnerstam
Actor, director, playwright

Suranjana Ghosh
Musician (Tabla player)

Oh snap

Somewhere in a dark and pixelated vacuum, Majora wakes up alone and entangled in a digital network. Majora wants to call for help, but when zie opens zir mouth, youtube clips of cute kittens and tweeting fake news fly out. Majora has got the whole world’s mass media in zir body! At the same time, Navi is hopelessly looking for zir sibling and gets lost among memes, GIFs, cyberbullying, youtube & instagram influencers and meaningless status updates.

Pantomimteatern’s sci-fi performance in a playful way creates awareness about what screen and internet addiction can do to our bodies and minds.

Idea & direction: Ana Stanišić
Set & costume design: Sara Kander
Music & sound: Dijle Yigitbas
Hair and make-up: Agnes Kenttä
Lighting, video & technology: Kundali Löfstrand
Directorial mentor: Daniel Goldmann
Illustrator: Karl Johansson
Photography: Bengt Wanselius
Pedagogic material: Linda Hovmark
Cast: Ipshita Rajesh & Jacob Danielsson
Producer: Veronica Bedecs
Age group: 9 years onwards
Performance duration: approx. 40 min
Produced by: Pantomimteatern

soda & bonda

Soda looks like a dog, and feels like a dog. Bonda looks like a cat and feels…like a dog! Bonda loves behaving like a dog when they play together. But Soda thinks that Bonda is silly – a cat should behave like a cat!

A crazy and light-hearted comedy about being who you want to be and about appreciating your friends as they are!

Based on the book Soda and Bonda by Niveditha Subramaniam.

Cast: Björn Dahlman and Ipshita Rajesh
Created by: Björn Dahlman and Ipshita Rajesh
Music: Stefan Sandberg
Mask: Amanda Cederquist
Narrator: Suzanne Reuter
Mime consultant: Lise Edman
Ages: 2 – 6 years
Duration: 35 minutes
Photo: Stefan Sandberg
Produced by: Bananteatern

Varför gråter pappan?

What is that there!? Out on a bench sits a father crying.
But why, wonder Hamsa and Alvdis?
Has anyone been mean to him? Or is he just tired?
Maybe he has lost something? Or tumbled while riding a bicycle?
Or he has just eaten way too much and his stomach hurts!

Varför gråter pappan? is a fun and playful show that takes the children on a detective journey through the landscape of great emotions.

The performance is based on the book Varför gråter pappan?, written by Kristina Murray Brodin and illustrated by Bettina Johansson.

Cast: Ipshita Rajesh and Hanna Björck
Directed by: Björn Dahlman
Age group: 3 years onwards
Produced by: Bananteatern

Grodkungen och ippies trolleriföreställning

Meet the two clowns – Frogking, who is a vain, ill-tempered, self-proclaimed master magician, and his mischievous assistant Ippie, who always has to help Frogking out of the mess he creates.
They are now excited to bring a fantastic magic show to all the children. But then the magic starts to live a life of its own and plays pranks on the clowns! Or is it Ippie playing prank on the Frogking because she secretly wants to run the show herself?
A hilarious experience with slapstick, magic, improvisation, audience interaction, music and dancing that keeps both kids and grown ups in splits!

Created and played by: Björn Dahlman and Ipshita Rajesh
The character The Frog King was created by Björn Dahlman and Rupesh Tillu.
Ages: 3-8 years
Duration: 35 minutes
Photo: Stefan Sandberg
Produced by: Bananteatern

Odeysseus på språng

Odeysseus på språng was conceptualised by Teater Slava to celebrate 25 years of their existence that is marked by brilliant physical theatre, choir, and programmes to build communities. 

It’s hard to give a name to what it was – theatre? sport? performance? Maybe all of it? Without worrying about what to call it, I’d say it was an experience. What I experienced yesterday has probably changed me in more ways than one, touched me somewhere so deep. It was real and surreal at the same time. 

The Odeysseus storyline was carried forward in three different spaces at the same time. A marathon that was run, rowed, and cycled by both performers and audience, and parts of the story were being performed on the run. Five very beautiful locations, a few of which were by lakes and the sea, were converted into performance spaces where the runner-performers would arrive and the story would continue. And during all this, Teater Slava’s own theatre space was Ithaca, where one storyline was continued. Slava’s choir was the thread that bound the whole experience, with songs from their repertoire that have been picked from different parts of the world, arranged and rendered in the unmistakable and powerful Slava style, and brought tears to my eyes on more occasions than one. All these three story-spaces were being put together by the fantastic technical team that created the live-stream. The fact that this mammoth-project was possible only because of the support, big or small, from innumerable people, was very evident, and the love that Slava radiates to everyone is special.

Beginning at 10 am, the performers and the audience were almost living through and witnessing Odeysseus’ journey to Ithaca after the Trojan war. While still being a performance, it felt so real because of the time in between two scenes when the performers ran from one place to another through real forests, while the non-running performers and audience waited at the location of the next scene. These in-between hours were filled with eagerness, worry, and excitement on one hand, and humour on the other as the story-line continued at these locations until the arrival of Odeysseus and his men. The fact that these were real people, undertaking a real journey and performing, heightened the experience of real and surreal. 

Finally, close to 10 pm, Odeysseus arrived at ‘Ithaca’ where Penelope has waited 20 long years, disguised and exhausted after his journey, strung his bow, and won the contest. And under the dark skies, he held his flame-torch, and walked into the forest to begin his peace-making journey, as the audience watched silently the disappearing flickering flame. 


Fågeln som flög mot solen

Click your tongues and ruffle your feathers! Follow us in an interactive dance performance where animals and birds lead the story of their adventures, curiosity, fears, courage and often strong friendships with man.

Through Indian classical dance, hand gestures, rhythms, and sounds Ipshita and Ulrika create tales with origins in both Indian and Nordic mythology, stories from the forest and the village, but also from the bustling big city. The audience is invited to participate with movements and rhythms helping to carry the story forward.

The show is specially created for a library environment and aims to integrate body and movement with reading and oral narration. The performance is also played in a version with an accompanying musician Moa Danielson on the North Indian string instrument Santoor.

Concept, choreography, sound, storytelling, costumes: Ulrika Larsen, Ipshita Rajesh
Music: Moa Danielson
Age group: 3-6 years
Duration: 30 minutes
Photo: Leia Larsen
Produced by: Odissi Dansproduktion

Produced in collaboration with Jordbro kultur och föreningshus and Skärholmen library.