Fågeln som flög mot solen

Click your tongues and ruffle your feathers! Follow us in an interactive dance performance where animals and birds lead the story of their adventures, curiosity, fears, courage and often strong friendships with man.

Through Indian classical dance, hand gestures, rhythms, and sounds Ipshita and Ulrika create tales with origins in both Indian and Nordic mythology, stories from the forest and the village, but also from the bustling big city. The audience is invited to participate with movements and rhythms helping to carry the story forward.

The show is specially created for a library environment and aims to integrate body and movement with reading and oral narration. The performance is also played in a version with an accompanying musician Moa Danielson on the North Indian string instrument Santoor.

Concept, choreography, sound, storytelling, costumes: Ulrika Larsen, Ipshita Rajesh
Music: Moa Danielson
Age group: 3-6 years
Duration: 30 minutes
Photo: Leia Larsen
Produced by: Odissi Dansproduktion

Produced in collaboration with Jordbro kultur och föreningshus and Skärholmen library.