Varför gråter pappan?

What is that there!? Out on a bench sits a father crying.
But why, wonder Hamsa and Alvdis?
Has anyone been mean to him? Or is he just tired?
Maybe he has lost something? Or tumbled while riding a bicycle?
Or he has just eaten way too much and his stomach hurts!

Varför gråter pappan? is a fun and playful show that takes the children on a detective journey through the landscape of great emotions.

The performance is based on the book Varför gråter pappan?, written by Kristina Murray Brodin and illustrated by Bettina Johansson.

Cast: Ipshita Rajesh and Hanna Björck
Directed by: Björn Dahlman
Age group: 3 years onwards
Produced by: Bananteatern