soda & bonda

Soda looks like a dog, and feels like a dog. Bonda looks like a cat and feels…like a dog! Bonda loves behaving like a dog when they play together. But Soda thinks that Bonda is silly – a cat should behave like a cat!

A crazy and light-hearted comedy about being who you want to be and about appreciating your friends as they are!

Based on the book Soda and Bonda by Niveditha Subramaniam.

Cast: Björn Dahlman and Ipshita Rajesh
Created by: Björn Dahlman and Ipshita Rajesh
Music: Stefan Sandberg
Mask: Amanda Cederquist
Narrator: Suzanne Reuter
Mime consultant: Lise Edman
Ages: 2 – 6 years
Duration: 35 minutes
Photo: Stefan Sandberg
Produced by: Bananteatern