Oh snap

Somewhere in a dark and pixelated vacuum, Majora wakes up alone and entangled in a digital network. Majora wants to call for help, but when zie opens zir mouth, youtube clips of cute kittens and tweeting fake news fly out. Majora has got the whole world’s mass media in zir body! At the same time, Navi is hopelessly looking for zir sibling and gets lost among memes, GIFs, cyberbullying, youtube & instagram influencers and meaningless status updates.

Pantomimteatern’s sci-fi performance in a playful way creates awareness about what screen and internet addiction can do to our bodies and minds.

Idea & direction: Ana Stanišić
Set & costume design: Sara Kander
Music & sound: Dijle Yigitbas
Hair and make-up: Agnes Kenttä
Lighting, video & technology: Kundali Löfstrand
Directorial mentor: Daniel Goldmann
Illustrator: Karl Johansson
Photography: Bengt Wanselius
Pedagogic material: Linda Hovmark
Cast: Ipshita Rajesh & Jacob Danielsson
Producer: Veronica Bedecs
Age group: 9 years onwards
Performance duration: approx. 40 min
Produced by: Pantomimteatern