Pirret is a visual and musical mime performance about our most intimate feelings that begin stirring in us at the onset of puberty. Something happens in my body when I feel love! Can I fall in love with someone I have never met IRL? What do I do when I am in love with my best friend? I notice sensations and changes in my body, I feel new emotions, my body feels different. Sometimes I struggle with my thoughts and emotions, I sweat like crazy, and my cheeks are flushed when I meet the most embarrassing situations. Am I normal?

With children’s own questions to RFSU and KP’s Kropp & Knopp as our point of departure, three skilled mime actors take you on this fun, exciting, embarassing, and emotion-filled journey with original and commissioned music, scenography, video projections and lighting.

Concept & manuscript: Sara Kander & Julia Gumpert
Direction & choreography: Ulf Evrén
Costume & scenography: Sara Kander
Music: Torbjörn Svedberg
Lighting, video & technicals: Kundali Löfstrand
Hair & make-up: Alva Nord
Hair & make-up mentor: Agnes Kentää
Animation: David Nord
Seamstress: Inger Lejbro
Producer: Dina Luterkort
Pedagogic material: Reyhaneh Ahangaran
Cast and choreography: Marina Almén, Ipshita Rajesh & Erik Lennblad
Photography: Bengt Wanselius
Illustrator: Karl Johnsson
Advisors: Kalle Röcklinger och Hans Olsson, RFSU
Age group: 10-12 years
Performance duration: approx. 40 mins
Produced by: Pantomimteatern