It’s summer holidays!
Three teenagers meet for the first time.
A love-and-conflict drama filled with intricate emotions that draws on the strings of one’s heart.

One is preoccupied with thoughts of one’s own body and that of others. Is it ok to like both girls and boys? How can one understand what the other wants? How does one deal with rejection?
A play about identity, desire and norms; about the right to decide over one’s own body and to choose for oneself if or when one wants to share it with someone else.

With this performance, we welcome and pay tribute to the complicated, embarrassing and absolutely wonderful aspects about being human!

Concept & manuscript: Sara Kander
Direction: My Areskoug
Costume & scenography: Sara Kander
Music: Torbjörn Svedberg
Lighting, video & technicals: Kundali Löfstrand
Hair & make-up: Matilda Bragner
Producer: Dina Luterkort
Production assistant: Linn Bergstam
Pedagogic material: Reyhaneh Ahangaran
Cast and choreography: Marina Almén, Ipshita Rajesh & Erik Lennblad
Photography: Leonard Stenberg
Illustrator: Kajsa Reicke
Advisors: Kalle Röcklinger och Hans Olsson, RFSU
Age group: 13-16 years
Performance duration: approx. 40 mins
Produced by: Pantomimteatern