Ipshita Rajesh

Ipshita Rajesh is a performing artist, a pedagogue, and a dance anthropologist. She has her foundations in Bharatanatyam, an indian classical dance-theatre style, along with training in theatre and masks in Europe. She has created solo works and collaborated with artists across various genres of dance, theatre, and music, and given performances in India and across Europe. She gives dance-theatre and applied dance-theatre courses and workshops for dancers, actors, amateurs, and corporates. She works as a freelance performing artist in children’s theatre, currently employed at Pantomimteatern, Sweden.


Ulf Evrén
Actor, director, pedagog, storyteller

Ana Stanišić
Actor, choreographer, director

Björn Dahlman
Actor, director, playwright, clown.
Artistic Director – Bananteatern, Sweden, Art Director – Xiao Wan Jia, China.

Lise Edman
Actor, musician, mime

Hanna Björck
Actress, singer, cellist.
Artistic director – Awake Projects, Sweden.

Roula Lymniati
Music-Drama performer and instructor, producer.

Ulrika Larsen
Choreographer, dancer and producer. Founder Odissi Dansproduktion

Photo: Johan Karlsson

Maria Magdolna BekyWinnerstam
Actor, director, playwright

Suranjana Ghosh
Musician (Tabla player)